the story about story store

Everything we own has a story. Thats why we value them.

Events memories, people , places and times – anything can be part
of the story and make something special.

That's why we created story story, a place where every item has it's own unique history.

Each story is a video about what has happyed
to the item, a video that can easily be watched with the help of a
unique qr code connected to the item.

Stories for the items on story store are created in collaboration with interesting people: artists, designers, musicians, directors, creatives, travellers and much much more!


Famous graffiti artists: Sindik, Brovyan, Snack, Poser - created an illegal street art 30 meters above the ground. What is so special about this piece? Artists used soles of their sneakers to paint.

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It’s true. The notebook covers were used instead of film – Dasha Yastrebova put them right into the camera and exposed the pictures on them. The secret is in the photo paper we used. All 7 notebooks are unique masterpieces that will inspire anyone who gets them.

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These socks are heroes! In honor of February 23, they were shot from a real tank!! Ladies and gentlemen, the first socks in the world to have served their duty as a missile. No, the socks weren't harmed.

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The artist Misha Blosyak created a comic strip. In the comic strip a "killer-shirt" played a key role, strangled the shabby owner. Now you have the chance to buy this shirt from the comic strip with the identifying stain and comic book in the pocket!

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The group Pompey released their first posters, and what posters they were! Each poster is made using the bodies of the musicians themselves. Acting as sponges they applied the paint, each on his own poster.

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A real, big, white teddy bear has been corrupted. It happened in a night club where Tanya Cheba herself gave the teddy bear a lap dance.

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